Pencak Silat

You have the option of self practical knowledge about pentjak silat! Through a workshop with professional counselors to become initiated into the principles of pentjak silat. Note: not fighting stands central, but the invisible principles of these self-defense art is based. Think of concentration, action, reaction games, tension and relaxation, focus, coordination etc.

You can choose from a short (45′) or long (90′) workshop. Short workshop remains very basic, long workshop brings to floor. Introvert (from inside to outside) and extrovert (from outside to inside) processes alternate. Experimented with slow motion and dynamic, with refinement (halus) and coarser movement (kasar). Work also plays a role in animal characters. Pentjak silat is largely inspired by examples from the plants and animals. Except that you have on the floor, you get examples presented by the teachers.

The workshops are led by choreographer Gerard Mosterd (artistic director of theatermaker Kantor Pos from Amersfoort) and dancer/choregrapher Benny Krisnawardi (Sigma Dance Theater artistic director from Jakarta, Indonesia).

The maximum number of participants per workshop is 16.
The cost is € 125,- for the short workshop (45′) and € 250,- for the long (90′).
Contact the education department of Kantor Pos, telephone 06 – 17 26 49 59.