Gerard Edwin Mosterd

Born: April 21, 1964
Graduated: Royal Conservatory in The Hague

Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag
Yang Min Shan Chinese
Culture University Taipei
Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag

Choreographer, Dancer, Director, Producer, Writer and Lecturer.

Gerard Mosterd, being of Dutch-Indonesian ancestry, conceptually explores in his work the pros and cons he has encountered of being raised in both a European and Asian cultural heritage. By integrating elements of the Western and South East Asian dance theatres as well as initiating workshops he aims to contribute to a contemporary cultural dialogue and an improved mutual understanding in particular between the Netherlands and the S.E. Asian region which was colonially ruled by the Dutch for more than 350 years. As a third generation Eurasian he researches the complex integration process of the East Indian immigrant community in Dutch society through the medium of the performing arts.